Ways to Beat Anxiety and Depression Naturally

Many people have longstanding battles with anxiety and depression. Some of them are aware of or have accepted their condition. However, there are others who have yet come into the light and seek help to get treated. The reasons may range from shame, to fear of being judged, to self-denial, or to just totally being oblivious to the fact that something is not right. Still, some are either skeptical about the efficacy of the treatments available or are hesitant to pay the price. For those who are not willing to spend money on expensive treatments, there are alternative ways to beat anxiety and depression naturally.


Why Do People Suffer from Mental Health Disorders?

There are several reasons why people develop mental health conditions such as anxiety disorder or depression. One such reason is stress. Stress is the underlying cause of a lot of diseases, including mental health disorders. This could be work-related stress, financial stress, stress from relationships, stress from emotional trauma, or stress caused by pressure placed by society. Another reason is genetics. It is believed that people whose family member has anxiety disorder has high chances of suffering from a form of mental health issue as well. Drug use is another possible reason for developing anxiety and depression. Medications have certain side effects that can impact a person’s life, one way or another. This effect could be on the person’s lifestyle or something more internal, such as the person’s way of thinking or brain structure.


Do People Need Antidepressants?

Research shows that in America, 1 in 10 people have depression. Most, if not all, of these people are prescribed antidepressants. This is because antidepressants are the most common form of treatment for people with depression or anxiety. However, this does not mean that medication is the only way out. There are other modes of treatment such as therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and, the cheapest and most available of all, self-management.


How Can People Treat Anxiety and Depression Naturally?

Conventional forms of treatment may be popular, but, again, these are not the only solutions. Here are some ways to manage anxiety and depression naturally or without medication.

Get physical. Research studies have proven that exercising 3-4 times on average a week, on average, helps reduce the severity of depression, even in patients with major depressive disorders. It does not only promote physical fitness but also has incredible benefits to a person’s mental health.

Repeat respite. Work if you must but learn when to quit… or, that is, rest. Not giving oneself enough time to recharge or unwind will only aggravate one’s condition. This could lead to exhaustion and will only make it more difficult for the mind to adapt or respond to stress. Practice the art of intervals and take regular breaks.

Develop a routine. Formulate a daily schedule to make sure you have something productive to do every hour of every day. This strategy will help make sure that you do not have time to get bothered by thoughts that make you anxious or depressed.

Watch what you eat. This may sound ridiculous but what you get in your mouth actually has effects on how you function psychologically. Remember that your mood is controlled by certain hormones. Making sure you have a dose of happy hormones in your body will allow you to better cope with mental stress. Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits that contain serotonin, to benefit from their mood-boosting components. Think bananas.

Get enough rest and sleep. This is something that cannot be emphasized enough. A tired mind would not be able to work well and help your body handle all the stress of the day. Getting adequate sleep and rest will rejuvenate your brain cells and prepare them to handle challenging mental workout.

Heed the call of nature. This is not what you think this is. Simply put, go out and get some fresh air. Appreciate being with nature and bask in the warmth of the sun. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you might be surprised at how nature has miraculous healing effects that help ease a troubled mind.

Have a vision. Create a vision for yourself and think of who or where you want to be or what you want to achieve in the future. Have goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound). Post these goals so you would be reminded and motivated every day to take a step closer to your dreams.

Try something new. Look for or think of something new to try. Trying something new reignites your interest and gives you something to look forward to every day.

Reach out. Think of ways to reach out and help people. Knowing and feeling that you are needed and are contributing something to someone will give you a deeper sense of purpose in life and inspire you to keep going every day.

Choose your company. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and people who have a positive effect on you. Having a strong support group is probably one of the best ways to manage anxiety and depression. You’ll have people to pull you up and when you feel like you no longer have the strength to get up and try.


Mental health disorders such as anxiety and stress are serious health issues that need to be addressed. While there are interventions available, it’s a fact that not everyone will submit themselves to treatment. And no matter how effective medications and therapies are, total recovery still depends highly on how someone welcomes and cooperates with treatment. Learning how to beat anxiety and depression naturally will improve one’s chances of overcoming the conditions and, finally, be able experience life more fully.