About Us

We are a group of Anxiety and Personality Disorder sufferers, who after years of “failure” stumbled across each other on social media, and then got together with some retired Psychologists, and the rest as they say is history, or at least it's “Us”.

We had learned that there is no holy grail, no miracle cure… and probably most importantly no one-size-fits-all treatment BUT that doesn't mean that we all have to struggle forever either.

Roughly half our number (approx 10) have learned to control or more accurately manage their anxiety… and the other half are working on it, or are somewhere between “help” and “I’ve got this”.

Between sufferers who had tried most therapies, and a couple of open minded psychologists, we came to the realisation that while it’s wonderful if you can find and afford professional help, there are many who can’t for a multitude of reasons, finances, availability, privacy concerns, stigma fears, an abusive spouse, religious or cultural restraints etc etc.

So for all those folks, and for some of our own number, we experimented with the idea that maybe you can start to tackle the symptoms while you wait to tackle the cause i.e. how about we find ways to let you “get through the day” and manage those situations that paralyse you right now e.g. Fear of Failure, Low Self-Esteem, Paranoia, Fear of Intimacy etc etc.

In other words, let's manage those situations that make life such a bitter fear or struggle. So between “learned tomes” like the DSM-5 and other psych research, then collated and proofed by A.I. we came up with what came to be known as the “FAWS” or your Fears, Anxieties, Weaknesses and Struggles.

We isolated 32, and yes we know we’ve missed some and include others folks will disagree with BUT they cover most everyday situations, and if you manage those 32 you’ll have no trouble with most any life situation.

So we offer professional online help in collaboration with the excellent folks at Online-Therapy, and DIY versions of conventional therapies, the all important complementary therapies, as they are really 24/7 therapies you can do anywhere, and our own series of Coping Strategies based around smashing those 32 FAWS.

So we hope you too can learn to manage your FAWS, take a deep breath and finally enjoy this wonderful life.