Hey,  we all need help to get through every now and again, and you've made an important first step in landing here, now take a slow deep breath and read on.

We might take longer to get back to you than feels comfortable right now... so,

if you're feeling desperate PLEASE PHONE A LOCAL HELP LINE - DON'T WAIT, they are there to help, are staffed by great experienced people and are anonymous.  A quick Google search or Yellow Pages or other directories under "Depression help", "Anxiety help" or "Mental Health Services" will turn up lot's of great people willing to help you.

Professional Psych Service

We just learned that the anonymous online Psych service shown below saved a friend of ours a few weeks ago. She was really down, couldn't see any way out... I don't need to go on, we all know where that can end. Anyway good news story, she contacted them and for the price of a meal with friends she got a months 24/7 online, professional, anonymous psych service, and it literally saved her. Oh and she is still using them and says she gets so much more work done, it pays for itself!

If you still need us and can wait till we get back to you please fill in the form below with your message - thanks