At Last a Professional, Private, Affordable, 24/7, Online Psychology Service

Qualified psychological counselling must always be the "gold standard" for anyone's plan... BUT as we are always mentioning, we know how for a multitude of reasons these are simply unavailable or out of reach for a vast majority of the population. 

Well not any more, we have teamed up with Online Therapy services that is private, quick and very affordable, and unlike "in person" services it's available 24/7.

While our 'coping strategies' and the brilliant ICR Method can arm you for life, we get that not everyone can "do it yourself" and so we are happy to recommend this comprehensive service.

The Most Complete Online Therapy Toolbox

  • - Individual and couples therapy
  • - Weekly 45-minute live sessions (video, voice, or text)
  • - Unlimited messaging with every plan
  • - A comprehensive 8-section CBT program with 25 worksheets
  • - Daily worksheet replies (Mon-Fri)
  • - Exclusive yoga & meditation videos, a journal, activity plan & tests
  • - Instant therapist match and the flexibility to seamlessly change therapists
  • - The Premium plan, offering two weekly live sessions + express replies.

Premium Plan Highlights

Our Premium plan includes two weekly 45-minute live sessions + express replies, ensuring you receive the highest level of personalized support.

Rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Our entire operation is built on the foundation of CBT, one of the most widely used psychotherapeutic approaches. CBT empowers you to identify, challenge, and overcome dysfunctional thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Qualified Therapists

Your dedicated therapist will guide you through each step of your journey, offering support via sections, worksheets, messages, and live sessions — available in video, voice, or text format, no matter where you are in the world.

Affordable Access to Therapy

Our subscriptions start at just $40/week (including a 20% discount for the first month), providing comprehensive access to our online therapy program with daily therapist contact (Monday-Friday). This is an affordable alternative, costing less than a traditional face-to-face therapy session.

Our Special discount coupon THERAPY20 at checkout to guarantee the -20% discount